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Hi Clueless,

Margs at this time of year? It could be 20 C and sunny, or it could be 10 C and pouring rain. Most people head to Kalbarri at this time of year where it’s 20 – 25 C and usually sunny (but cold at night!). But if you go to Margs and the weather is crap, there’s plenty else to do – nice scenery, vineyards, art galleries, etc etc.

Guidebooks are all out of stock – new ones by CAWA and SR should be out later this year, I hear. You can get some info from the CAWA webpage however.

Places are:

Willyabrup – orange granite, trad and some bolts, grades 10 – 27ish. Fairly easy access.

Bob’s Hollow – limestone, sports bolted. Harder access.

Wallcliffe – pretty much the same as Bob’s. Easy access.

Camping is possible at Willy’s and Bob’s, but being so close to the sea (like 10 m and 100 m) it may be cold and wet. Or it may not. There are a few camp-grounds nearby, which aren’t too bad.

Cheap pubs? Marg’s has been yuppieafied and cashed-up-boganafied. Don’t expect anything cheap.

If you put up your email address or phone no, I can send some details of somewhere that I’ve stayed at before, which is cheap and OK, although a little further away.

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