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John Knight

My view has always been that comparing the two grading scales directly is pointless, but….

I think you need the skills of a 21 for a *proper* V0, and the skills of a 22 for a V1, and so on. The whole concept of epic run outs and pooing your pants is pretty much irrelevant when scrambling up a five metre boulder, and you obviously don’t have endurance as a factor.

V0 is a grade that gets shagged around a lot because people want to just label all the climbs in an area and be done with it, so you get a sort inflation/deflation where that grade gets highly tampered with. I think I’ve seen V0 Minus around, but I’m not sure about that.

Anyway, coming back to the main argument, I think comparing the grades of regular climbing is apples and oranges, but I agree with the principle of 21 and onwards for the bag of tricks required to send the route.

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