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Cardio is the classic 29 which i think is on the money. Antitrust has the same crux really with a dirty weird end and doesnt see many people. Above the trust is also similar to cardio but i seem to remember ripping off the main undercling block at the top which i am not sure was ever replaced. Production line still has all its holds? but is just a ladder on small holds with a massive span at the top which is greater than my span and you cant dyno. Its not to bad if you have the reach. black ambiance is an unknown and i may have heard of a hold coming and going near the top (its easy till the last boulder). This needs an ascent to validate it but doesnt get much attention. If it was bolted with rings it might do? Animalistic rage is again a balancy reachy thing which i havent had a go at since i cant do cranial void due to balancey stand tall reaches. Either way styles vary a bit but if your climbing 29 you can have a bash at them all.

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