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I like the Rockface lead wall for its selection of grades. The slippery wall surface is bit of a downer sometimes. The climbs get changed within a reasonable time frame, and some of them are lovely routes while others are a bit weird (personal taste I guess). They have CAWA $10 Thursdays.

Urban Ascent is much closer to the outdoor experience with its textured concrete walls and a bit of extra height. I think there is a tendency for the routes to be reachy, even at the lower grades, and overly gymnastic. I’m average height for a woman and am not alone in finding them a bit stretchy, so too bad if you’re not tall or don’t have a bit of power. There aren’t as many leads and the grading overall feels a little stiffer (not a bad thing). Also, the route turnover is pretty low. Excellent training for outdoors though. I went yesterday and it was half price during the (week)day until 4pm – $5.50 is good value for money.

The Hangout I haven’t been to for a while because of my own gripe with the lack of lighting (apparently has since improved). The plywood walls have textured paint so they a little more grippy than RF’s. The lead wall is great if you want long,fully horizontal overhangs but the routes don’t change often. I think the bouldering section with its cave is fun, as is the peg board. The traverse along all the walls is nice and long. They have $7 CAWA Tuesdays for your inner tightarse (like me).

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