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Mark Steele

Just got back from Clark Rubber.

I managed to get 4 pieces of their highest density foam with a 10mm medium density foam cover foam on each piece covering all 4 sides. Each separate piece is about 1mx1m and roughly 20cm thick. Each piece cost me $50.00. So $200.00 all up and i think i have pretty much double the size of what a normal mat for half the price.

I will be making some canvas covers with straps over the next few days and i’ll let you know what that costs when i get to it.

$200.00 does seem like alot but i saw a crash pad in Perth yesterday retailing for about $360.00 so i am in front so far and i think i pretty much have double the mat aswell.

I’ll link some photo’s once the project is finished but right now i’m off to Welly Dam quarry to give em a trial.


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