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Yep, I watched Andy Lampard spend a morning on that boulder 2 years ago while we engaged with his nemesis – quarry climbing on rope.

Safe to say that if you answer yes to any of the following questions, it’s unlikely you will be doing a FA:

* Do people climb regularly at that area?

* Has Andy Lampard ever been there?

* Has Jay and crew been there?

* Is there chalk on protected holds?

* Was it a Chris Jones haunt back in the day?

Loose rock, especially in the quarry means little. In the two areas of question here – MQ and Boulder Rock, I truely doubt there are FAs still to do. I know that last year Andy made it his mission to do all the possible sit starts at Boulder Rock.

Im not trying to get fussy on the FA issue but i tend to agree with Seth et al. Good on you for being keen, writing guides and actually bouldering but assuming that you are doing FAs until proven otherwise is doing it backwards i think.

Shame that so few people are engaging on the topic. i think that there are many opinions on the subject out there and it would be good to have them heard.

On a similar vein – what is up with the white arrows at walyunga? I know there is a precedent for marking problems in perth but 2 inch white arrows are a little obtrusive. Especially on problems that would have been done already…..

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