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Mike (R)

Hey Emil,

It was me (and a couple friends) who put a few white arrows on some boulders at Walyunga. I agree, I made the first couple arrows too big and then a made the next couple a bit smaller. I just did them with a bit of whiteout so next time I am there I will fix them and make them less obtrusive.

As for the problems being done already how would people know? Unless there was a video (we knew of “Bee Wasp” “Tall Arete” and two unnamed problems from Andy’s Crankdown site), a description on this site, a mini guide or even some little white arrows it’s hard to know if anything has been done or exactly where it is. Granted, the arrows weren’t little. Sorry. I’ll remedy that. We didn’t put arrows at the four problems we had seen on Crankdown and the arrows were more to show where a problem was than to claim a FA.

The little arrows (and birds) at Dreaded made it easy to find where the problems were. This was what we were going for. Saw them at Kalamunda too (but some had almost faded away).

I know you’ve done work on a few bouldering mini guides Emil (Mt Cooke, Millars, others?) so thanks. We really like using them.

Now we know that Andy had done some of the stuff the Robin showed in his guides… but if he hadn’t posted any pictures or told anyone about it no one would know anything. I still reckon make the guides, put up the pictures, discuss stuff and if someone says they’ve done it before then fine. No biggie. The aim is to get people climbing more.


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