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Yeah 8a has a little list of recent FAs on its front page…

Generally in Australia the FA names the problem/route for the most part.

I tend to agree that if the FA doesnt name it and others do and the name sticks then thats cool. Its better to refer to something by name than by number. However, I think that its best to be sure before you do though, ask around, ask the right people etc. Its no good asking the gym crew etc if they know about an area like Walyunga for example if theyhave never been there or have no interest in bouldering. There is plenty of reference to the people that have been the pioneers on this site and as such it shouldnt be too hard to get in touch with them if you are interested in what they might have done previously.

Anyway, this is what it has come to: arguing about FAs on a boulder in a quarry. Perth climbing at its best…

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