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Numbat’s Mum

Ash, some advice:

1) Don’t put bolts in detached blocks. You did this for some of the lower offs and at least one of the runners. Big mistake.

2) Don’t install P-bolts that stick out 15mm from the rock. This is totally not in accordance with good practice, manufacturer (FIXE) instructions or common sense. The eyelet of the bolt should be flush with the rock surface or slightly recessed. Exposing 15mm like you did makes the bolt likely to fail in bending where it meets the wall. You are likely to be the only person in Australia placing P-bolts this badly.

3) Don’t use grade 4.6 structural bolts. They are not stainless steel and are only marginally better than uncoated mild steel bolts. It is rather hypocritical to use these when you harp on about the perceived lack of safety of other bolting methods.

4) Your glue – what are you using ? I am concerned that it is not suitable. Many of the bolts could be rotated with the spanner end of my nut tool indicating the glue is not strong enough or you have not correctly cleaned the hole or glued the bolt. Once again this is an area of MAJOR concern.

I suggest you get some proper lessons from someone who knows how to bolt and you start using correct materials (stainless steel) and a glue that has a proven history of safe use in WA (e.g RE500 or HIT150 etc).

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