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Jeff M

What would happen if I was a person not able or comfortable to push myself up the high grades, however there is a lack of well bolted low grade routes, would it be acceptable if I went to any of the “man made, Quarry hell holes” around Perth (or anywhere else in WA) and provided it not interfere with any other routes I can chip, drill and make the rock to submit to my will and put up a nice big, juggy ladder that suits me to a T. Maybe some one with more ability could climb it in a year or ten or never but now we’ll never know eh?

It is good that people are out putting up new routes, this one has been chipped to a 26, what if someone around here could have climbed as it was first chipped at 30ish? or someone else got to it before emil and chipped it to a 20ish?

My ethics are that I do not chip, quarry or not, we do not have much rock over here and I feel people should climb harder not make the rock easier.

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