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Is cranial void chipped?? Was that a joke post??

If the quarry’s werent chipped we would all be lining up to climb on that steep goat track playboy…

It should be noted that Emil replaced the hold that broke from Cranial Void after discussing the way the climb used to be with some of those that had climbed it previously. The route hadnt had an ascent since the hold had broken (numerous years)… The route has seen regular traffic since and thanks to Emil it is now enjoyed as it was when it was first ‘augmented’ with a glue on.

At least we have some people willing to get out there and add to the WA climbing environment, developing (and rebolting old routes..) new climbs. (eg. I think Emil was the one who put a lower bolt on Hang Ten to make it safer for the rest of us).

Happy to see discussion but would prefer those like me who simply leech off others routes and hard work be constructive rather than just dish out an ‘anonymous’ diatribe of ethics on what not to do?

Whilst not a black and white subject we must not let bureaucracy go crazy and a certain amount of artistic licence needs to be used….its a quarry…Good job Emil.

PS Phillip wtf??

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