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Matt Rosser


With regards to the grades of both Sylvia and the Shield Achilles. I believe that the Shield is a fair 24. It was the opinion of 5 climbers that the Shield was fairly graded at 24. The climb was not graded until I had feedback from a number of people who had attempted the line cold. That is on sight and placing all their own gear. Your view is probably influenced by the fact that you did not attempt an on sight having watched 2 people do the route and that all your gear was pre placed.

I also believe that Sylvia is a 21. I remember when Sylvia was first climbed and graded. Prior to grading the first ascender, Gary Matier, encouraged a number of people to climb the line (on sight, leading and placing gear) and give feedback. I climbed the line with Garry. I am quite sure that Peter McKenzie and Ron & Ronald Master also were approached. After this consultative process the climb was graded at 21. Again the weight of opinion seems to rest with the original grade.

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