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Wow, neither of you answered this poor guys questions:

Sadly my kiwi friend, perth is no Christchurch for climbing. HOWEVER there are places around to keep yourself busy.

There’s a few gyms around the metro area, I like rockface, which is close to the city centre. Good bouldering, plenty to keep you traversing, and they encourage people to mark out their own problems, and the other gym junkies can come try out your moves 🙂

If I’m not wrong, UWA has some limited indoor stuff on campus too.

I haven’t been bouldering everywhere around perth, but certainly blackwall reach is a popular destination in the summer (oct-april) –it’s limestone that sits out on the swan river, so if you take a spill, you land in the drink –which, if it’s on a day like the bureau is saying about tomorrow (42 degrees) then you’ll probably happier in the water than out 🙂 -keep in mind that it’s limestone, so expect to find yourself in the water every now and again with your latest handhold still in your hand. (there’s a couple of vids on youtube of some guys mucking around to give you an idea of the place)

Sadly for bouldering, you will find perth and surrounds remarkably free of anything that looks anything like a boulder. They just don’t seem to hang out over here.

There is a range of hills which run in a north-south orientation about 50km inland from the ocean, and that’s where you’ll find most of the near-perth climbing –or traversing, if that’s what you’re after. A fair shot of the climbing is quarry, but there are a few notable exceptions which you can browse through on this site.

I hope this helps

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