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Crossbred Mongrel


Much of the climbing activity is centred around the ‘main’ areas listed in South Coast Rock, with the odd new route being added in these areas.

The majority of the significant ‘new’ climbing areas are to the east of the Frankland District (inland ranges, assorted seacliffs & islands heading east from Albany.

Lesser noted climbing area within the Frankland District National Parks include:

* Mt Chudalup (as mentioned ‘the contentious) – D’Entrecasteaux NP.

* Chatham Island (limited access but has seen previous activity, unlikely to see visits from casual climbers though) – D’Entrecasteaux NP?.

* Woolbale Hills (again rarely accessed) – D’Entrecasteaux NP.

* Mt Roe – Mt Roe NP.

* Granite Peak & Mt Thompson – Mt Frankland NP.

* Mt Lyndsay – (probaly outside district) Mt Lyndsay NP.

Couple of motley gentleman by the names of Matt Rosser & Jim Truscott that frequently trawl the southern forests armed with drill, big hammer & moonshine would have a plethora of information squirrelled away, but you may need some KGB issue devices to extract this!!


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