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Jeff M

Oh No, we couldn’t possibly have a second climbing forum, that would give all the people on here with one track minds too many options, you would throw their whole lives out of whack Shane and they couldn’t possibly cope with the fact that they could alternatively check out two climbing sites! Hey but then again maybe that would just reduce their time preening their profiles on Facebook and my space. Shane seems like a good guy and all you wankers should grow up, He and even the were rabbit, unlike the rest of you actually do something rather than just bitching over problems, such as the carrots problem, many of you have whinged about carrots for years with no result maybe were rabbit will. Shane has seen a need for a easy to negotiate forum and had a go, coz lets face it this one has some serious flaws and has been the same for years, and what does he get? a whole bunch of critisism, yeah guys thats the aussie spirit eh?

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