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The Sika tube was the issue, one part did not come out hence the mix went wrong.

Each of the holes was fully cleaned before we started, again. The mix was piped in sections so that any airlocks could be removed. Next time I am going to use the glass tubes, less time and less mess.

As a check before we left I tried to pull each bolt out of their hole as well as taking a small fall, and tugging from left to right etc. Nothing moved and there were no signs of any fractures in the resin. This was done after the recommended curing time in case your wondering.

As for the retro bolting, I have yet to see anyone do the route though people were interested in trying a few times. Given the loose rock we found near the top you’d have to be nuts to do it at the mo. Hopefully when its been cleared of loose rock we will see people on it again, thus removing traffic from other routes in the quarry.

When I do get back there to remove the reminder of the loose rock I will attempt to tidy up my mess on the other routes, top rings included.

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