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Adam Gibson

Hi Folks,

So some background, I’m one of the key drivers behind the Australian Climbing Association Queensland and generally stay reasonably involved in a number of climbing access discussions.

To be perfectly clear from the outset, I’d love to see WA content in the climb.org.au route database, both the existing CAWA information and material from any other sources.

Mark raised the quite valid questions regarding the claim of ‘national’ representation in the about section of the climb.org.au site. This is effectively a historical artefact, the ACA as a national body is currently non-functional.

However I’m a big believer in the value of a national network between state climbing bodies, although I don’t believe the model envisaged by the original ‘national’ ACA founders was sustainable however I still give them all due credit for their devotion, belief and hard work.

As it stands the ACAQ is currently managing the climb.org.au website and as a body the ACAQ is going from strength to strength. I’ve been having some very preliminary discussions with Dena (along with the CCSA, VCC, SRC and others) about possible models for a national body, probably under a revamped ACA name.

So Mark, I’d love to have some further discussions with you about the climb.org.au route database and I believe we should be able to work through any concerns you have about being merely an afterthought or with regards to CAWA’s ability to leverage its position off printed and/or online guide material. If you could, give me an email at adammichaelgibson@gmail.com and we can go through some details.

-Adam Gibson.

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