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I got into trad climbing by hooking up with a like-minded person, buying one of those “How to Rock Climb” books and studying it (theres loads of these things), going on a lead climbing course, buying a starter rack (5 cams, about 12 nuts) and doing lots of toproping for 2 years before I started leading (which is good for practicing trad gear for belays). You can ass about walking around the bottom of Churchmans placing trad gear and then load testing it (clip a long sling into it, then step into sling and bounce).

And finally, a plug….trad climbing gives great freedom to go wherever and do whatever….90% of climbing out there is not bolted world wide. I am off to climb the Eiger next week (with a small trad rack). Have fun getting started, Toby, it’s a good journey.

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