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ed nepia

thanks to the CAWA folk for giving up their free time to help resolve access issues, its a seriously thankless task so

err thanks

having said that it does seem that the limit is the issue, 40 is a random daft number plucked out of who knows where …

overcrowding at crags is an issue worldwide, I can recall lines of climbers sitting on their rope bags queuing at the bottom of classic routes at Buoux and Ceuse. Apart from the strangeness of the situation it dosn’t really cause problems.

Brett makes a very valid point when he notes that many climbers aren’t CAWA members, and maybe out of the current information loop.

Also consider that for visiting climbers the idea of ‘booking’ to rock climb and limits on numbers is a foreign concept.
Would CAWA consider advocating for greatly increasing the limit on numbers in the Quarry’s? Why not go for it and suggest 200 a day?

In general more climbers at the crags means a vibrant ‘scene’, discourages antisocial behaviour from non climbers, and helps reinforce the message to DEC that climbers are numerous, active and that climbing is a legitimate, healthy outdoor pursuit.

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