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I agree about signage and was thinking the same. I will suggest this as part of the solution.
Constructive suggestions are useful. Mindless criticism that ignores the realities of our over-regulated society aren’t.

And yes, the limit of forty does include commercial groups.

In an ideal world, every policy and protocol should be listed somewhere. Information was posted and circulated some time ago which obviously doesn’t help new people. However, the reality is that committee members are volunteers and many like me have put in many, many hours of work and there is a limit to what we can do. As I have often noted in the past, the most vocal critics are the ones who have never put their hand up to give up some of their time to assist in filling committee positions and helping to do exactly these sorts of things. In past years, the same people have over and over given their time, doing more than a reasonable share of the work while committee positions lay vacant.

And I note that the most unsavoury comments tend to come from those who lack the integrity to post under their own names, choosing instead to hide behind anonymous postings. There is nothing clever about being so ashamed of and uncomfortable about what you are saying that you won’t put your own name to it.

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