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Brett NP

> And yes, the limit of 40 does include commercial groups

As a Boya residnet, (& CAWA member), who walks in, living just over the road from Mountain Quarry, I’ll add my $0.02c worth ..

The problem with this 40-person limit is that the big groups mostly aren’t climbing, just abseiling & sliding down a flying-fox – I’ve seen this plenty of times with Adventure Out running screaming school groups in there whilst I’ve been climbing – most of the walls are left empty.

It does seem wrong to stop climbers due to some arbitrary limit when almost all the walls are free? I don’t book Mtn. Q. when I walk in, only if I’m lazy & take my car. Personalaly I think DEC need to be more flexible about use & numbers, there’s room for far more the 40 …

Brett NP,
(no Numbats, but plenty of roos & bl00dy possums!!)

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