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steve k

just because you cant pull them out with your bare hands doesnt mean their not shoddy. if that was the case then i suppose carrots would be ok. however, if a bolter is known in the climbing community to be “experienced”, then i think he has an obligation to lead by exsample and maybe agree that they are not perfect. egos aside. the last thing you would want is for others to think that because “so and so” does it, it must be ok and do the same. its ok to get defensive about someone pointing out your mistakes, but id say safer cliffs australia might know their shit. the bad bolts photo gallery on their website is an eye opener on p bolts . i like the climbs though, the middle one is a star route i reckon! but whats the reasoning behind having one anchor bolt a foot higher than the other. it seems that alot of people place anchors like this ? i just thought that their meant to be level so they both take an equal force when your rapping down. on these routes only one bolt is taking the load with the other as a sort of backup ? i get scared ! it would be interesting to hear more views on this.

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