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steve k

i agree totally with jeff m on this one ! if nobody in the know points out these kinds of mistakes, then every one who sees these bolts will think they are normal and will probably unknowingly make the same stuffup themselves. i have also recently seen these bolts and they HAVE been placed incorrectly. p bolts must be countersunk to be safe. i think that by mentioning this, jeff m has done more for correct bolting than just pointing out another carrot bolted climb (as almost everyone knows by now that carrots are unsafe) but attempted to open peoples minds to another unsafe but less known about form of bad bolting. im sure the guy who put them in didnt intentionally do the wrong thing but im sure hed like to know so he can fix it before someone gets hurt. and what kind of glue was used doesnt make a difference when the bolt is in danger of snapping due to excess leverage ! anyone placing p bolts should go on the safer cliffs australia website and have a look. all of what jeff is saying is there. happy climbing.

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