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I have a small open wager: we go to Mtn Quary together and you try to rip out these “faulty” anchor bolts without using any tools, ie using your body, bracing against the rock with arms/legs, jerking, jumpoing, any possible anchor service load whatsoever, in any direction. I wikll also accepot dead load testing with loads up to 80kg (UIAA test weight) thrown off the top.

If you succeed in pulling out any of them, I will give you $200 on the spot. If you fail, you pay me $50 AND I will recess them all. These must be great odds considering the sure tone of those emails. Cash only accepted, bring on the day please, a third party referee will be used to hold it while you sweat and swear to no avail. Anyone can contact me on 0422 927962.

BTW the climbing bolts are not carrots, they are glued in machine bolts (GIMBS). I have never heard of any of those coming out anywhere ever.

As for recessing, this IS useful under some specific circumstances, eg when large fall factors with sideways loads are possible (traverses, roofs) and/or in weak rock and/or when visual impact is of concern. In my opinion it serves no purpose for loweroffs set in granite quarries.

I don’t usually engage in bolting debates since as far as I know 6 people in Perth bolt and the others simply have no idea, but record needs to be set straight. Don’t believe all you read on the internet, don’t use “blanket rules” and think about the application.

However, this is not to say that the concern is not valid and the discussion useful. Anyway, I have put my money where my drill is, that is all I can do.

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