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Numbat (again!)

Just another thought – don’t rush off and buy thousands of dollars worth of gear if you are new to climbing. Just get a good harness, shoes, chalk bag (and chalk), and a locking crab and a belay device.

There are lots of people that get all excited and go and blow $$$, use the gear once or twice and then never go climbing again and the gear sits in the cupboard for years or gets sold for next to nothing.

If you decide you really like plastic-climbing after going to the gym a few times, then maybe get some quickdraws and a rope. If you decide you like real climbing (ooohhh.. that’ll get some flack! POM POM POM POM!) ie, ROCK climbing, then maybe start getting more quickdraws, cams and nuts.

Of course, if you rush out and buy lots of gear, use it once and then want to get rid of it, let me know. I’ll offer you bargain prices! (for me)

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