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Mark Weatherill

Once I knew that “The Enforcer” had seen my response, I reluctantly deleted the exchange since it added nothing to the discussion of the route. I didn’t want this thread to be side-lined with a justification of our moderation policies.

Regarding what is and isn’t acceptable, the difference in this case is that Shannon did it as part of a reasoned response. A one-liner hidden behind a pseudonym is only likely to produce more of the same.

Whilst we can dream of a utopia without censorship, if these sort of comments are kept then the community will think that it is an acceptable way to act. My aim is to raise the level of discussion to actual issues rather than personal opinions of others. The Bolting/ACZ thread is a good example of where this has worked well.

If anyone would like to discuss this further, I’d appreciate you opening a new thread to prevent further hijacking of this one.

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