Home Forums Climbing Talk so whats the best crag in WA? Reply To: so whats the best crag in WA?

colin m

#1 choice has to be WCH. Very unique remote sea cliff, exhilarating atmosphere and bloody good trad climbing with a huge range of climbs at most grades. I always found the rock and gear good, except for a few teetering blocks and loose stuff at the top outs. Shelley beach camping completes the experience, and the walk in is good for the fitness. A trip to WCH is always an inspiration.

Next would have to be Willys, for the location and handful of good climbs. Proximity to vineyards is great but never helps the climbing. Despite the convenience, its not a place to try and push the grades, classic routes can be serious with long runouts. For sport, Bobs and Kalbarri, although for the later I have never been strong enough to justify the 8 hr drive.

Mt Cuthbert is suprisingly good and has some really testing granite routes only an hour or so from Perth.

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