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Yeah, de purpose o’ writin’ be t’ communicate. Sheeeiit. De problem be dat often, people’s spellin’ and grammar be so’s bad dat dey fail t’ communicate whut dey mean.

Ah also dink it be bad mannahs and impolite – if someone came up t’ me and spoke in an eencohere-ai’nt manna’ and Ah knowed o’ at least suspected dat dey be capa’ble o’ speakin’ t’ me otherwise, den Ah would view dem in some not real positive manna’.

Furthermo’, if sumone be so’s lazy dat dey can’t be both’d spendin’ 3 seconds dinkin’ about how and whut dey scribble, den Ah am not willin’ t’ place mah life in deir hands on de rock. What it is, Mama!

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