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Hi Mark,

I was one of the people at Statham’s the other day.

There are plenty of great climbs at Statham’s – and plenty of not so great climbs, as I’m sure you now know!

I have found that it’s a good idea to have different types of bolt-plates due to problems such as you mention. I’ve even found quite a difference between bolt-plates of the same brand and type – some will fit over some bolts and some won’t.

The climbs that Mark W listed are all good, well bolted (assuming you can get the bolt plate over!) climbs. Ther are a couple of other easier climbs as well such as Novice Penguins (13) that were put up mainly for people to practice their bolt-clipping on.

For access, phone the number that Mark put up. It’s the Perth Hills National Park Centre. They are open Mon – Friday from 9 till 5 or something like that and Saturday and Sunday from 10 until about 2 pm (I think). Just phone them and tell them that you want to go climbing at Statham’s or Mountain (Also called Boya) Quarry. They usually ask your name and contact number and give you the gate code.

Have fun!

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