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Apologies for the confusion. Please find the corrected text below:

“To get there, head east on Helena Valley Road until the end of bitumen. Continue along the gravel road for 500 metres, turn R at the fork and park in the clearing 20m further on. Cross the low brown gate at the SW side of the clearing. After the gate there is a gravel road and a track. The road veers left and the track enters on the right. Take the road. After about 5 minutes (400 metres) the road passes under a small set of power lines and a side track enters on the L. Continue directly on for about 10 more minutes (800 metres) until Bridle Rock can be seen 50 m right of the road. The road will become rocky and go uphill at this point. This boulder is distinguished by its orange-coloured base and has two rocky outcrops on either side of it.”

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