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ed nepia

very interesting debate ..

chipped routes arent vanadalism, removing substandard bolts is….hmmmmm

anyway the cawa bolting ethic whilst commendably serious in tone actually offers no STANDARD which developers can conform to

‘only competent persons’??? Ok so who says your competent? being able to use a hammer drill dosnt denote competence at bolt placement does it?

‘suitable fixtures of sufficient strength’ how vague do you want to be? is this deliberately vague so as to absolve cawa of perceived liability in the event of a bolt failure-accident?

perhaps this vagueness actually tacitly condones the continued use of carrot bolts because the developers can claim ‘competence and sufficient strength’ based on no more then their own experience rather then a more rigorous standard?

yes replacing carrots is a good idea BUT why stay quiet when more are placed in the cliffs? seems like a lot of people dont like carrot bolting but very few are willing to take a stance rather then advising others to replace them …

Why not insist that all developers use a standard set of anchor types and then loudly applaud them when they do

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