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Hi Ed,


Problem with Matt and Jim isn’t how we see them, but how they see themselves. I wasn’t excusing them, rather offering an explanation. They know, I’m sure, everybody is pissed at them, but they’ll keep putting up chipped climbs with carrot bolts, and keep writing them on the CAWA website, using the ethics of the rest of us and the oranisation, while at the same time denying that any ethical basis should be applied to their behaviour. This is why anarchism is a political failure, though a nice idea.

My gut feeling is they get a warm chubby from the whole thing.

And they have done some worthwhile pioneering elsewhere, mind you still using carrots.

I haven’t got a big stick and don’t want one either. You could say we are now paying the price for all the other chipped lines people thought were a good idea at the time. History is as always 20-20. Problem is how to get from here to where next.

Got to go to work now.



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