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I am a 5.10 blonde with a body to die for (and i climb 5.10 too – does that count?) and I can say with authority that you are not.

In fact, I can say with authority that you are a male, probably 20-25 and you call your dick a ‘cock’ or ‘whang’.

You know how i know you are not a woman? Because women chasten men so they have an out, so they can see their wrongs but know that it’s ok and things now are on track.

To rip out bolts could be noble and chivalrous, if and only if, you made the example and replaced them.

To rip them out, stick up your middle finger (actually, no you would moon them from your Commadore) and say ‘fuck you matt and jim’ is so pathetically male.

A woman, if she felt so inclined, would repair the deed (ie replace the removed bolts) and shame matt and jim into completing the task themselves.

when you have left your skid marked undies on the floor and your women is sick of them – what happens? She puts them in the wash and you feel so bad that your undies end up in the basket from then on no?

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