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Why don’t you pull the bolts and repair the chipped holds/rock rabbit ?

You are just a stupid bigot like you claim M+J are. Selfish and altering the rock for your own good. Leave the bolts as there are many Perth climbers that can and will climb the routes.

And don’t try and claim the majority of Perth climbers hate carrots. Because they don’t. I have already been through that with Shane and 18 posters on a thread is NOT a majority… especially when some of those support carrots !!!

You can try what you like rabbit.

But you are starting to look the fool.

At least M+J have the balls to put their names behand their actions.

Got no answer to your failure to repair the rock have you ?

You are just a lazy rock vandal like you claim M+J are. Leave the bolts so others who don’t mind them can climb and enjoy the routes. Removing the bolts just spoils it for everyone and no body wins except your little ego.

Why not contact the rebolters and get the routes fixed properly if you don’t have the skill yourself ?

bounce bounce. get your hand off it before your mum comes in the room and finds you with your pants down.

Taa taa little kiddies.


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