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Hi Peter T (that you, Pistol Pete?)

DEC can look at this, no worries. They will see that we have an active climbing community full of people who really care to contribute. Climbers argue! Yeah!! That’s democracy. I was born under communism (not under Bob Hawke but in another country), where we all agreed in public and said what we rally though only at home. That really sucked.

Climbers contribute. In some cases it is just words but that is better than nothing. Now it would be really nice if people joined CAWA, rocked up to the AGM or a gym crash or a committee mtg and volunteered to do something. But joining would do. There is strength in numbers. If we have 1000 members we will be taken a lot more seriously than with 100. Simple as that. Join CAWA. For God’s sake. Or the commercial and government geeks will ruin everything (they are not all geeks, far from that, but ignorance and arrogance are a dangerous mix….the sensible land managers seem to be dying out and the new breed ravels in “developing” tourist attractions…….see the newish car park at Blunt Knob….but I digress).

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