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Yes we all agree that the forums need updating.

Shane put up a forum and no one went. Why? Because all the info is here and so is everyone else’s eyes (we’re just sheep really). Without CAWA’s endorsement no one is going to go somewhere else and why should they? Phil’s right that there is a lot more info on this website than just a forum.

Hmmm…. Then maybe we should take the enthusiasm of someone like Shane and mix it with the information CAWA holds! WOW, we have the two arguing groups working together! What the??!!

CAWA doesn’t need a new website, it just needs to update this one. So why don’t the computer boffins get together with the CAWA boffins and figure something out instead of pointing fingers and crying?

Unfortunately that won’t happen because as already stated, climbers are a lazy bunch of twits. Actually when you think about it, climbers are just human. Willing to point their fingers but not actually use them.

There is a lot of info on this site and I think, in general, the entire website needs a facelift. It was good 15 years ago but nowadays there is so many better ways of displaying information on a website. Maybe one of the committee members should be the website custodian? I don’t see one on the committee page, I just see half a dozen people I’ve never heard from.

There should be a note on the gallery page saying that people can send photos in, like in the mini-guide section. We don’t know how much storage space you have or if it’s allowed?

How much longer will this argument go on? Hasn’t it been going for years already?

There is no quick fix. Another website address with a cut and paste forum isn’t what we need. We need this site to be upgraded. I have some ideas and I’m sure, amongst all the climbers there are some that can program a website. So why don’t some people, CAWA committee members included, sit down and work something out?

My email is omnieyes_38 at hotmailDOTcom and I am more than happy to rock up and brainstorm a solution. At least one CAWA committee member needs to help on this. And we’d need someone that can actually code websites. Preferrably the person who administers this site already.

There, someone’s put their proverbials on the block. Anyone else? No more complaining. Stand up or shut up.

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