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Let me paraphrase the original post by likening it to “bushwalking”:

Three genuine questions,why MAKE TRAILS? is there meaniful TRAIL MAKING? and after living up north for years and never seen another BUSHWALKER[apart from visiting mates]or TRAILS and pondering why,I ask a the question what comes first the BUSHWALKER? or the TRAIL?[and I know there are TRAILS at Karajini but thats another discussion!]

If I put it like this, the point raised looks like nonsense doesn’t it?

The US Access Fund has argued for ages that climbing routes are VERTICAL TRAILS. Just like trails need stomping out of vegetation and the odd enhancement like steps and markings, climbers sometimes need bolts. There is nothing unreasonable about bolts.

Consider Karijini, since it was raised: hectares have been razed to put in roads, camping areas and buildings. There are formed paths and signs all over the place. Huge dust storms arise behind every vehicle and kill off road side vegetation. In the context of this “infrastructure”, what about a few bits of shiny steel embedded in a cliff. Sounds entirely reasonable and consistent with the rest of the pic to me.

Having said that, we should still be sensible and practice minimum impact bolting. That too is consistent with minimum impact ethics elsewhere. Amen.

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