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Your’re right, on-site would be different. There are leads and there are leads. Though the aim of the bolter is always to set up clips from rests, to avoid awkward clips, to replace difficult-to-clip machine bolts with rings or hangers, and to make falls safe and relatively short. In fact to try to get as close as possible to a top-rope experience. Of course this is impossible for many routes, including almost all the really hard ones with significant overhang. That bolts are used on easier climbs where top-roping would work, may be so that the rest of us can look like the hard guys, or just inertia. [Is clipping bolts quickly and efficiently is a skill one wants to incorporate in climbing? Like placing natural gear. Probably not. Clipping is not something we do apart from free climbing, whereas natural aid climbing is.] the answer to the original question is, some bolting is meaningful and some bolting is not. About 40/60. Of course another answer is, if the bolts offend you go bouldering.

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