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Hi Huha,

yes it would be good if there was a 300 m high crag in the middle of Kings Park. But there’s not, and neither is there in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Sydney, London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Jakarta, Lisbon, Madrid, ……

OK, maybe there is in Hobart and Natimuk and Cape Town and a few other spots but they are the exceptions.

While the climbing at MQ, SQ, BQ, MC, CB etc are pretty poor compared to Araps or Gramps or the Bluies or Verdon or Indian Creek or where ever, at least there is some climbing close to Perth. Where’s the nearest climbing to Melbourne (ever been to Werribee Gorge? – I don’t count that as ‘climbing’) or Adelaide – 400 km away. London – 200 km, Berlin, 100 km etc etc.

If you don’t like it here, then the answer is simple…

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