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Hi Hann,

Near Perth (less than 50 km) are Churchman’s Brook, Statham’s, Boya, and Mountain Quarry, all 15 – 30 m, grades 10 – 30, tad and sport and mixed. Also there is plenty of shorter stuff like Darlington Boulders, Shark Rock, Llama Rock etc, all 5 – 10 m, mainly bolted.

100 km from Perth is Mt Cuthbert, Boomer Crag etc, mainly bolted.

250 km south of Perth is Margaret River with Willyabrup, Bob’s Hollow and Wallcliffe, 15 – 30 m, grades 10 – 30. Willys is mainly trad with some bolts, Bob’s and Wall and sports bolted.

Near Albany (400 km from Perth) is Bluff Knoll, 300 m overhanging quartzite; Gibraltar Rock 250 m granite slab, West Cape Howe 50 – 100 m diorite seacliffs; The Gap 10 – 20 m granite seacliffs; Peak Head 200 m granite sea dome; etc etc.

Kalbarri 600 km north, hard-core sports.

In December/Jan, I’d say head south – Willys, Bob’s, Wallcliffe; or Albany.

There’s usually a CAWA trip to Albany for a week from Dec 27 – 2 or 3 Jan.

As for a job, if you wanna dig holes in the ground or drive a truck full of rocks, then this is the place for you! If you want to do something else, like be an architect, then you should consider the beach, climbing and the dole office.

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