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At the highest level, our actual objectices are as per the constitution, the bit of which I have cut and pasted at the end of this string. These are givens i.e. taken for granted, this is why CAWA is here.

In her post, Dena outlines her vision in one sentence and then gives 5 operational goals which we believe we need to attain to support this vision, right now. As we go forwards, the goals will change but the vision will remain the same.

It is all a bit dry and esoteric but it hopefully demonstrates that we know why we are here and actually have a plan, with some immediate goals, to get there. Having said that, new ideas are always welcome….

CONSTITUTION (excerpt, unedited)

3.1 Objects

The objects of the Association are to:

(a) promote and develop Rock Climbing, especially in Western Australia;

(b) protect and promote the interests of Rock Climbers in Western Australia;

(c) provide an institution for Rock Climbers to meet;

(d) formulate and publish guidelines which it will promote as desired conduct by Rock Climbers, and will encourage Members and other Rock Climbers to adopt; and

(e) encourage groups with similar objects to affiliate with the Association.

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