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Lots of petrol and a match, or heaps of insecticide.

Seriously, that’s about the only way. The bees will stay there unless the queen dies or is removed. For a feral hive, it’s just about impossible to get to the queen and get her out, which only leaves fire or poison, and even if you use those, unless you get the queen, the hive will stay.

There was a hive at Churchman’s, but someone burnt that out a while ago, even though they weren’t a problem and I climbed Major quite a few times with the bees buzzing around. The paper wasps, which are also an introduced species to WA, at Churchies and elsewhere are a lot more of a concern.

Generally speaking, unless you get closer than about 3 or 4 metres to the bee hives, they are not a problem, but don’t wear flowery clothes and carry an epipen!

You could try complaining to DEC and see what happens (they ban climbing there?). I believe that, at least in theory, DEC is required to manage and control feral pests on DEC-managed land.

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