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Yardie Creek is a very beautiful place. I’ve accessed the cliffs in the past by kayak and soloed small sections of the rock over the deeper water but never taken any gear there. I’ve no idea if anyone has documented routes there. My first guess is that rangers would not be too keen on us climbing there. I definitely wouldn’t use chalk if i climbed there so as not to spoil the aesthetics of the place – there’s a tourist boat which cruises up the river to look at the cliffs. And there’s quite a few tourists who walk the track at the top so be aware they might knock or throw the odd rock off the edge.
Pilgonamen gorge is great !!
I’ve had a look up in Shothole canyon but everywhere i tried had really flakey rock and i couldn’t even get off the ground without flakes breaking off under hand or foot. Anyone had better luck up there?
I also had a look in ‘Learmonth Crag’ behind the airport, which was kind of interesting for a play but pretty short and not the best for gear – i just used a toprope.

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