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    Hey all,

    Just travelling up the West coast, just did the Gibb River Rd, and am in Kunnarurra; does anyone know where the climbing is here? There’s plenty of rock; but much of it is choss (Hidden Valley). I’ve seen the routes listed on The Crag, but I don’t have a guide to point me in the right direction…

    Also, at Kalbarri I did this great climb at Z-Bend – obvious left leaning diagonal line viewable from the lookout, but didn’t know the name. Was it ‘Keith Goes Blank’, 15?

    Thanks for any info in advance.

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    no one’s got any info? even just a name location for the Kununurra climbing? should be in the Northern Rock guide…?

    anyway, I did a 3 pitch adventure route on the utter chosspile that is the Eastern side of Elephant Rock, and heard about some limestone 20mins out of town (not sure if there’s actual climbing there, but it’s where one of the local tour operaters goes). Also there’s a really nice looking line of cliffs about 30km up the Ord river, with lots of cleanish trad looking lines (cleanish in relative terms, compared to the mountains of choss around).

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    jeff m

    As far as I remember there we a few routes on a rock hill behind town called Kelly’s knob or something like that.

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    Hi Gos,

    plenty of climbing at Kalbarri.

    KGB – https://www.climberswa.asn.au/photos/keith-goes-blank/

    There is also a very nice climb about 3 m to the right of KGB – I think it’s a 19, but pretty easy for the grade. Goes up about 5 m and then traverses about 4 m right then up again. If you skip the traverse and go straight up it’s a 21 or 22 from memory.

    Otherwise go downstream about 500 m to the Adventure Wall, Promenade and Pit area where there are heaps of climbs from grade 11 to 30 or so. Another km further downstream is the Amphitheatre with multi-pitch, but it can be hard to get to at this time of year.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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