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    Hi all,

    I’m wondering if anyone has some info on good abseiling locations South of Perth? I have 50 metres of rope, so length shouldn’t be an issue most places. I’ve had a look at Welly Dam, is there anything else, even ‘urban’ abseils?

    Also, I’ve struggled to find info on the legality of abseiling off of something like a public access foot bridge or similar. Nothing silly like abseiling onto the freeway from an overpass… But yeah, any info on what an individual is and isn’t allowed to do would be great.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Afaik you can not abseil of bridges in WA. They used to try and bust us when we were bridge swinging off the dawesville cut bridge. Willyabrup sea cliffs have heaps of anchors to rap off. Mount frankland as well. Brides cave might still be accessible but you need ascenders to get out.

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    Cool, thanks James.

    If anyone has any other places, just drop it down here.

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    There are some decent caves which are abseil able in the Margaret river area. Brides cave is a large sinkhole type cave, with a 40m free fall on one side and a 10ish metre on the short side, only drawback is you have to prussick out. There is another ? Giants cave which has a chute you can abseil down. Think from memory you need a caving permit to use them… Might be out of date info though was 20 odd years since I did them. A mate organised it so I can’t help you as to who you need to speak to. Hopefully someone else on site might know.

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    To do any of the cave abseils in the leuwin naturalist national park you need a cave leader’s SG3 permit which means a NOLRS regristration and completion of the cave leaders course run by DEC and Outdoor discoveries. otherwise you can pay a guide, mick from margaret river climbing company does a lot of this sort of thing

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    Hi Happy,

    around Perth you could try Mountain Quarry and Statham’s Quarry. Further South you can try Wilyabrup. Some areas in the Stirling Ranges are also available for abseiling.

    You also need to be aware that most of the climbing and abseiling areas are on DEC-managed land, and their rules and regulations are somewhat different for climbing and abseiling. Basically, DEC recognises that climbing is predominantly undertaken by individuals (or small groups of individuals) doing the activity as a private recreational pursuit. On the other hand, most abseiling is done by larger commercial groups. Obviously some climbing is also in larger commercial groups and some abseiling is for private recreation. Generally speaking however, private activities like climbing in approved areas do not require specific approval, while commercial activities in DEC-managed areas do. As most abseiling is commercial, sometimes there is some confusion by DEC staff about requiring registration, accreditation and permits for private abseiling, and sometimes also for climbing. Several years ago, DEC tried to bring in a comprehensive booking, registration, accreditation and waiver system for ALL climbing, which would have entailed obtaining written permission from DEC prior to every time you went climbing anywhere on DEC-managed land. This was obviously unworkable and in the end they brought in booking (by telephone) is only required for MQ and SQ only, which I think is reasonable.

    Just be aware of these things and it may be worthwhile contacting DEC or at least getting hold of the Regulations and Policies.

    I hope this helps!


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    Thanks for the replies. Gee, Olly, talk about the government sapping the fun out of recreational activities.

    Thanks Numbat, I hadn’t though to hit DEC up for some information; I’ll do that.

    Thanks again, and still, if anyone has more info; spill it here, because I’ve found very little online.

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