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    Michael J

    I saw a post dated back to 2011 by a ‘johnboy’ about an albany bouldering guide book and tried the number he left but that seems to be a dead end. Anyone have any idea about the 100s of boulder problems he aludes to?
    Would be fantastic to get more info!

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    John boy

    Hi micheal j.sorry but guide died due to lack of interest you could count the regular climbers down here on one hand we hoped a rough guide would stur up more interest .wrong.have a heap of note book guides to areas be happy to show you .lent a few out already but they never seem to come back.just let me know what area your going if info gone I can mud map it .not yankin your chain on numbers one area alone Bettys to the ridge line of many peaks has too many boulders to count it’s like counting stars .few grades no names we have just been having fun . I’m at 163 grey St west pop in or 0447195167

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    I’m here in Albany visiting from the US for a few days. Heard (and can see) that is beautiful granite around here. Is Mutton Bird still the spot to go? Any guidebooks or written resources? thecrag.com seems to have the most info I can find but I was wondering if there was any bouldering closer to the city as well.

    Also need to pick up a pair of shoes, my ratty ones didn’t make it onto the plane… Anywhere in town that sells climbing gear? Can’t believe it’s relatively undeveloped here given how much rock seems to be around.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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