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    An experiment in democracy.

    I wanted to find the 50 most classic climbs in Australia, as voted by climbers. Hopefully it will become a source of inspiration for road trips, or at least endless campfire debate!

    <a href=”sanguma.org/50classicclimbs”>the link</a>

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    Oops you can’t embed links here, sorry. You’ll work it out.

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    You can embed links – but not the http part:


    here’s aq classic climb…


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    Oooo I gotta get over west soon! That looks fantastic!

    Hope ya don’t mind I just linked that photo to its entry in the contenders list. There must be more classic climbs in WA.


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    Hi Stu, yeah, there’s lot of good climbs in WA – it’s not all flat!

    Here’s another…


    But if you go to http://www.climberswa.asn.au/photos/

    there are a lot more photos.

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    Luke B

    Fear No Evil 24 at The Gap, Albany. I can’t find a photo other than the one in my guidebook, but along with Karma (see Phillip’s link) it’s my pick of the WA routes.

    Also: Dancing the Deep Blue 26 or The Climb 18 at West Cape Howe, Albany (take your pick).

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    Yep! I agree Luke, they are all pretty fantastic climbs!

    A few issues however – firstly, how does one define a ‘classic’ climb?

    One could easily argue that ‘The Fang’ and ‘The Bite’ at Churchman’s are ‘classic’ climbs – they were first lead in 1976 and still seem very, very popular. But I think they are two of the poxiest climbs at Churchies, with dirty slopey holds and poor protection. I’d much rather do Superslab or Gates of Mordor!

    Another issue is that many climbs that I would call ‘classic’ are not very photogenic and/or difficult to take photos of. I’d say Albatross is also a fantastic classic – but unless you have a helicopter, it’s pretty hard to get a really good photo of someone on it – apart from the usual head or bum shot! Also of course, there are lots of great climbs that one could take great photos of, but of course no one ever does as they are too busy climbing…. I think that’s why Simon Carter is such a great climbing photographer – he takes photos instead of putting his camera down and climbing!

    Speaking of which, there is a good ‘The Climb’ photo in Simon’s ‘Rock Climbing in Australia’. Also great photos of Baylac Direct, When the Horrie Cometh, Root Canal, Heavy Petting, and several of various climbs on Steel Wall at Willies – all classics!

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    Luke, when did you do fear no evil? Do you know if the broken bolt has been replaced?

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    Luke B

    I haven’t climbed it yet, just scoped it out from a distance, so I don’t know about the bolt…

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