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    Any suggestions on local climbs which I can practice lead climbing on?

    Ideally it would be a low grade climb (12/13?) which is toprope able so I can practice safely.


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    David Wyndham

    Sport or trad lead?

    For sport Novice Penguins (13) at Stathams is good. You can set up a toprope easily and lap it to practice.

    For Trad Pink Knickers (12) at Churchmans is probably the easiest low graded climb to set a toprope on and learn leading. The Sting (14) is also good for a slightly different style (Hexes are great there). Come to think of it there are at least half a dozen climbs at Churchmans that will fit the bill and give you a variety of placement options.

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    I wouldnt recommend The Sting at Churchies. It is very awkward and it is easy to have a more epic experience on than you might desire for a first time lead.

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    David Wyndham


    If it was a true lead the I would agree with you, but if you are on a toprope pseudo-leading as was suggested in the original post then you will fall out not into the crack, so it won’t be overly dangerous.

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    I also wouldn’t recommend The Sting for the same reasons as cited earlier.

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    Thanks for the feedback. When I get an opportunity I will check out the climbs mentioned (on top-rope) placing pro along the way.

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