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    I have used this company three times now for overseas climbing cover. They are currently positioned as the main and easiest way for Aussie climbers to get overseas climbing cover, though the requirements are getting tighter and the premiums going up.

    My warning to everyone is to be wary of using them if you can possibly source someone else. In a nutshell, on my recent trip to Canada, I needed to postpone my flight at fairly but not ridiculously short notice. I was unable to speak to anyone. The only person I did manage to get hold of said, well, we don’t have many consultants you can talk to and they are all busy. I said it was urgent and could someone call back soon. Well, she said, we are an online company which is why there is a shortage of people to talk to. Clearly they have completely missed the point of insurance. There was never any return call and another number I was given for the claims dept went to an answering service. No return call from there either, though they claimed later in an email that they did try to phone me. No missed calls or voicemail. No reply to an email either. So, not being sure if I was about to lose $$$$ in postponing flights because it was going to cost another $ 4K on top of the original fare to do so, I got on the plane. It wasn’t pretty.

    In a clear cut case of having to cancel something outright, it would not be so urgent. But there are many situations where you need to contact the insurer to make sure you are covered or to deal with an event. One has to wonder what would happen if you were OS and needed to talk to them. And what happens when you put in a claim?

    One can only assume their name refers to less service and certainly not less cost.

    The good news is that I am currently working on sourcing climbing insurance through another provider in the hope that we will have a suitable product to offer CAWA members that they know they can rely on. Most insurers don’t want to touch high risk activities, hence the lack of choice. But I’m trying hard and will keep everyone posted.

    Dena Rao
    CAWA President

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    I think that is a bit harsh. I have used them every year for over 8 years and never had a problem. I have had minor claims and no complaints. A friend had a major claim and that also went fine. Overseas claims/emergencies are dealt with by separate phone numbers(companies) who are available 24/7 and that is not unusual for insurance.

    They are getting expensive compared to 8 years ago. Apparently they have had a few major claims.

    NZAC is also supposed to be arranging insurance for Australians. You could start by talking to them or the company who provides their insurance for their NZ members.

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