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    Hi all,

    As a user of the odd bolt here and there I’m wondering if there are any good resources about bolting to read about?

    Such as reports/studies done by anyone?

    i.e. which bolt length, diammeter, material and type for which rock type, porosity/rock water content, marine environment etc?

    Or do bolters usually just slap in whatever they have left/whatever is cheapest?!… (obviously there is no industry authority that checks individual bolts at regular intervals or does geotech work on any climbs.)

    Could be good bed time reading for me and others.

    (Even if it does convince more people to head towards trad…? Lol).

    Cheers heaps if you know of anything useful (pdf or website?)

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    Mark Weatherill

    There are some fantastic resources at http://www.safercliffs.org. Lots of info on bolt types and techniques.

    Also check out the database of rebolted routes: http://www.chockstone.org/Rebolting/RoutesWA.asp

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    Cheers Mark, will check those out..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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